On the occasion of our first appearance at the SITL in Paris, “La Tribune” has published a report about us. The renowned “La Tribune” is one of the most important French business publications, focusing on financial news, economic and corporate information, technology, and the environment.

The young Swiss player MFD Rail was launched around three years ago and brings a breath of fresh air to the market as a proven intermodal specialist. With its experienced team, the company offers sustainable, customised services for the entire fleet management. The aim is to become the leading leasing company for intermodal freight wagons in Europe. The company is making great strides, as it currently has more than 3,000 wagons, and its fleet will comprise around 10,000 wagons in the next few years.

The market is ready for unconventional approaches as well as flexible and individualised lease models. Studies also indicate a continuous increase in the freight wagon leasing rate in Europe.

Following the consolidation of the freight wagon leasing market in the recent years, the market is looking for innovative alternatives. For this reason, MFD Rail sees a significant need to catch up and studies also indicate that the biggest growth potential lies in combined transport (CT); the mid and long-term growth opportunities are promising. MFD Rail currently holds lease agreements with well-known customers in 11 countries. The collaboration is accompanied by numerous pre- and after sales services such as intensive support and personal contact by highly experienced specialists.

When it comes to capitalization, MFD Rail relies on strong, established partners and a contractually secured growth plan. For customers, this guarantees reliability and continuity. In detail: Equity financing is provided by funds advised by Oaktree Capital Management L.P. and the four founding shareholders, while growth financing is provided by a larger banking syndicate with KfW IPEX-Bank as global coordinator. The commercial bank of the “Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)” is providing a total of EUR 500 million as “bookrunner and underwriter” with a first-time green financing. This financing will be used to procure over 6,000 new freight wagons by 2025, after which a further round of financing is planned.

The suppliers of the modern freight wagons are renowned and certified manufacturers from Europe and neighboring countries. The long-term secured manufacturing capacities allow continuous production and ongoing delivery of new wagons. Thanks to forward-looking stock purchases from sub-suppliers, there are no delays in the supply chain.

MFD Rail is characterized by high standards that go beyond delivery reliability, flexibility and dependability. Ambitious expectations are also met in terms of sustainability. The company has concluded an agreement with KfW IPEX Bank on the exclusively “green” use of financing, called “Green Loan Framework”. The cooperation supports MFD Rail in its environmentally friendly and sustainable growth strategy, which is why the use of intermodal wagons excludes certain goods, such as fossil fuels. MFD Rail also supports the RFFI’s European Rail Freight Vision 2030 and obliges its customers in the lease agreement not to transport any goods that conflict with this.

MFD Rail relies on the latest generation of container and pocket wagons of all types for its continuous fleet expansion. Among other things, all wagons are equipped with telematics and sensors, hand brakes and low-noise composite brakes, and prepared for the digital automatic coupling.

The intelligent freight wagon, which uses localization and sensor technology in combination with advanced, aggregated data analysis and artificial intelligence to enable new services for customers and thus new business models for MFD Rail, was considered from the beginning.

Unexpected wagon breakdowns due to unknown exposure and inefficient utilization of the leased wagons are aspects that do not go down well with any customer. The “transparent” wagon continuously provide data that can be used to recognize critical situations and enable MFD Rail to act proactively.

All processes are digitalized and open to new business models. The young company relies on the latest technology standards and aligns its processes and services with the needs of its customers.
MFD Rail has developed a sensor solution to increase safety and cost efficiency in the transport of semi-trailers by rail. The system constantly monitors the correct position of the semi-trailer during loading, transportation and unloading, thereby making an important contribution to accident prevention and cost savings in rail transport.

In collaboration with a well-known manufacturer, MFD Rail has furthermore developed an innovative wagon type that considerably simplifies the handling of non-craneable semi-trailers. With the help of an integrated basket, a semi-trailer can be transferred from road to rail and back in the shortest possible time using conventional gantry cranes. Unlike solutions with conventional platforms, this requires no additional logistics and no additional financial expenditure. This wagon enables logistics companies to cover longer distances quickly and cost-effectively by rail in an environmentally friendly manner.”


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