MOBILER meets MFD Rail: Hire up to 600 MML underframes

The Rail Cargo Group (RCG) have concluded a framework agreement with MFD Rail. In the future, 600 additional container carrier wagons will contribute to transferring even more goods from road to rail.

Multimodal logistics, MML for short, is becoming increasingly popular. At RCG, the combination of various modes of transport, made possible by diverse handling techniques, is highly valued. Europe’s leading rail logistics specialist develops customised end-to-end logistics solutions in which the goods travel most of the route by rail in an environmentally friendly manner and the first and last mile flexibly by road.

Ready for the Austrian Waste Management Act and more

The rented container carrier wagons are specially tailored to RCG’s needs and were designed for use with the MOBILER configuration. In combination with the hydraulic lifting system of the MOBILER, goods can be transferred between train and truck completely without a crane or siding. The innovative logistics solution is used last but not least for environmentally friendly transport of waste by rail. In 2023, over 200,000 tons of waste have already been contractually fixed according to the amended Waste Management Act and thus sustainably transferred to environmentally friendly rail transport. In 2024, this number is expected to be significantly higher.

The first tranche is ready for use

The first 100 newly produced container carrier wagons have already arrived and are being used in various of areas of waste disposal logistics. The next tranche is planned for 2024 and includes 100 more specially branded container carrier wagons that will be delivered to RCG in the first half of the year.

As a lessor of a 100% green financed, modern and highly available intermodal fleet, we actively promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and are committed to the transition towards CO2-free transport. With our shared commitment to environmentally friendly transport solutions and our pursuit of sustainability, we have created a solid basis for a sustainable cooperation with RCG. By providing our multimodal wagons, we significally contribute to upgrading RCG’s flexible logistics services and thus laying the foundation for a long-term partnership.

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The innovative transport logistics of the MOBILER combines the advantages of the environmentally friendly rail
with those of flexible road freight transport into one system.

A hydraulic lifting device enables the fast and straightforward handling of the MOBILER-containers between HGV and wagon.
This covers the entire supply chain with tailor-made, end-to-end logistics solutions.

From left to right: Michael Mettinger (RCG), Rafael Sobottka (RCG), Christopher Prax-Huber (RCG),
Rüdiger Margull (RCG), Markus Basler (MFD), Wolfram Bahle (MFD), Monika Hedman (RCG),
Michael Trinkl (RCG). © Pictures: Andreas Scheiblecker


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