With Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH we were able to win another amazing customer. Dortmunder Eisenbahn is a joint subsidiary of Dortmunder Hafen GmbH and Captrain Deutschland GmbH and is operating for more than 120 years in central Germany. In doing so, it does not stop at the factory gates, but links the on-site logistics of the industry located between the Rhine and Ruhr with regional and supra-regional transport services by rail.

Here is what Jan Läzer, Managing Director of Dortmunder Eisenbahn says to our cooperation and experience gained in dealing with MFD Rail:

Of course, we have initially been cautiously skeptical about a new player on the railcar rental market. MFD Rail succeeded very well in being aware of this situation and reduced this skepticism through open, transparent and customer-oriented communication, thereby establishing a very good and trusting business relationship.
This led us to the leasing of the first 44 80-foot containerflats from MFD Rail in 2021. As a result, we can only say that we as Dortmunder Eisenbahn are extremely satisfied, both with the technical and commercial parameters of the railcars, but also in particular with the very professional team of MFD Rail, which handles all the customer’s concerns promptly and in the spirit of cooperative collaboration.”


Watch our 80-feet container carriers in use by Dortmunder Eisenbahn


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